The Art of Drums


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New series on Sky Arts prt 1 tonight at 7:45. Saw the first part last night, very interesting.

I shall record the whole 4 parts for my son in France. He is a guitarist of course (and keys) but can depp' drums if the need arises.

Not much use to our many transatlantic cousins I know but anyone really interested PM me.



If only for a moment.....
It was pretty good. It reminded me of one I saw a couple of years back that Stewart Copeland did.
I can't help feeling that drumming is slowly on the way to being that lost art, though.


If only for a moment.....
Yesterday's episode wasn't as good as the first one. They were talking about the musicality of the drums and I'm glad they had Bill Ward. For me he's just about the most musical drummer I've ever heard. His drumming on Black Sabbath's first 6 albums elevates their music to a different level. Because although they were loud, each of the constituent parts of the band were pricelessly good and made for superb music, with Ward doing things on the drums that were so attractive. Yet, I wouldn't want to hear his playing in isolation. It's the way it meshes with the songs, vocals and other instrumentation that really does it for me.