the arachnid


dont keep chocolates in yur drawer
cause when the wind goes cold the spider looks for sweets

and when you least expect it.
she's in your drawer

sniffing that chockalete drop
wrapper you dropped last year.

with her beady spider eyes
looking for blood.

then you have a choice
pet spider or dead spider

dead spider is my pick tonight
on this favorable september evening.

a little bit of salt
and soap spray
and she in on her way
under your boot.

but what
is that silky strand
upon my suple hand
and wafting ore my piqued ear?

it is no doubt,
the puked out puss
from one of us
while eight legs claw for home.

yes we are only less sex legs
or we'd be sniffing too
on cold nights when the wind blows blue
the strong, the wronged the arachnid too