that Folk Implosion 4-track sound!

Okay, does anyone know the band "the Folk Implosion"... they did that song called Natural One from the KIDs soundtrack. BUT before that they (mostly Lou Barlow) did a lot of impressive recordings on a 4-track. Does anyone know how this was done? I really like the drum sound he's getting-- does he just have one mic hanging down from somewhere or is it the ussual 4-8 mic deal? Any guesses?? Thanks.
you're right folk implosion is totaly cool, as far as drum sounds listen real close to the song and if it sounds like one unified drum sound like you are standing in the same room as the kit then he has probaly got like maybee 2-3 mikes on the kit (triangular micing) but if each drum stands out then he has a mic on each drum probably....

ps. a condenser mic like a AKGc3000 is cool on a drum kit just use one mic and move it around till you get a good sound and if you want more puch on the bass drum add a dynamic on it the drums sound sweeeeet like this.

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