Techniques for recording whispering?

I host a true crime podcast, and the feel is already a bit "asmr"-y in the sense that I speak pretty softly for the podcast. to add some range to the vocal performance, I want to do some bits that are even more whispery, like a full whisper. What is the best way to record a whisper? One issue is that I do have some bad mouth noise issues. I drink a lot of water already, and I bought some green apples because I heard that can help (though I'm skeptical), so I'll be trying that next time I record.

Current set up:
-Shure SM58 microphone with pop filter. I typically have the microphone at a 45 degree angle away from mouth and sit about 10 inches from the mic to minimize the mouth noises.
-record in a converted closet with big blankets and mattress foam up on the walls and door.

Try moving close to the mic and straight on rather than at 45 degrees for when you need to whisper. When whispering maybe the mouth noises may not be as apparent(?) Closer may also make the whispering more intimate as if close to someones ear. Are you using a pop filter?
There’s a thing called a “stage whisper” which sounds like whispering, but actually has some volume and projects better. See if you can develop that technique.
I find too much water drinking makes MORE mouth noises. Dry mouth can remove them - try a few hits of (legal) marijuana!
Maybe try a condenser mic?

Technique-wise, when working with a dynamic mic, I find it helps to lean back and do all the basic things that will cause mouth noise while leaning away from the mic: lean back, breath in, moisten your mouth, open your lips, start breathing out and vibrating your vocal chords, then lean in