Teac Tascam, stl remote plug.


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Modello per cavo 7 poli da 4mm (I cavi per i led non mi interessavano).
Viti 2x12mm


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What is your question? Are you looking for one of these plugs?
They've made one. The attached file is an STL model which you can print out if you need to fabricate the shell. Handy stuff, but you'd still need to figure out a source for the pins.
I confirm jpmris.
I have published a simple model to print 3D.
I needed to connect a wireless remote control and had to connect it to my Tascam 34B.
I don't know if I can put the various links where I bought the remote, the pins, and the cable.
That is a nice plug but not everyone likes 3D printers besides I have a drawer of the 12 pin remote plugs here still even though they are not gold. One day he would be good to supply them as in sell them. No need to show us one.