Teac A3440 not recording nor erasing


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Yes I know! Bias oscillator not working. I have a schematic but although very detailed in many respects it only shows the BO as a circuit 'block' with no details.
In all other respects the machine works fine. I want to sell it with NAB adapters, spare reels and tapes. Not going to get much if it don't record!

I am, as some here will know, a retired service tech but no longer really have the facilities to dive deeply into the electronics. Could it be a shronky relay?

Or, is there a really good repair shop within spitting distance of NN5 5PF?

There is a schematic for the A3340 including the bias oscillator board on HiFi Engine. The two transistors on the BO board are 2SC1226As.

BO Board.jpg
I am very much obliged Rich, That gives me something to look for, I dare say the transformer is a "Feroxcube" of some description? Then I can start looking for supply voltages etc.

Much depends upon how much I have to tear into the chassis, as I say I no longer have a workshop but I am a lot further on than last week!

I have one of these machines and the tech info on this unit from Teac. I have the circuit description booklet, 4-page fold-out schematic, parts list booklet, and service manual booklet. If there is something I can scan or reference that will help you, let me know.
Thank you Starliner I may well call upon your assistance. One of my problems is just moving the thing around! I cannot chuck TVs and such about with the gay abandon I did in my fifties!

I shall set my stall out in the next day or so and get the covers off again and see if I can orient myself and locate that BO stage.

I had a guy who was mad keen to buy it in Feb' but I think, like many of us, his 'resources' have been stretched as the Winter bills come in? No matter I am in no rush to get rid and want a decent price. I reckon I could get over a grand if I were prepared to carefully 'break it for spares'...I see a capstan motor alone at £200+! But I shall never do that.