Teac A-2300S no sound

I figure it will take a week or better to get so I'll just get both.

So.... I found a 2SD317 but not -P - same with the other one the 2SC733-Y - found it but without the Y?

Sorry for all the questions :-) Learning a lot.
I wouldn’t worry about the suffix designators. Did you find them in the same package/case sizes? The 317 looks like a TO-220, and the 733 looks like a TO-92?

Actually the 733 looks like a little TO-5 can…but a TO-92 should work there.
Happy to report that after changing those two transistors, it seems to be working fine. I got both of them off of eBay. Not sure which or if both transistors were bad, but just replaced both.

I appreciate the help along the way very much! Hopefully this journey will also help others.