teac 80-8 manual?


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I'm pretty sure TEAC / TASCAM can supply you with one:

Here's the number for the parts dept at the USA office: (323) 727-4840



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has anyone found this manual? I just keep coming across postings of people looking for one with little to no responses... I just got one too and now I'm here with you!


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Have you tried contacting Tascam as cjacek suggested?

We all like a free lunch, but on something like an 80-8 (and other Tascam decks), with copyright law and the sheer size of ithe manual itself you're not likely to find a freebie as you are noticing...on top of that what you will likely experience is that your "freebie" will be missing pages and/or critical data will be unreadable.

Get a used original off of eBay or just call Tascam and order one.

Respect the deck and cough up for the proper manual to care and feed it.

I'm speaking from personal experience, and I'm a believer that the best place to get the manual for your Tascam deck is from the manufacturer.