TEAC 4300 or AKAI 635D


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Hello to you all good people!
I am thinking of buying one of these two. Both in great shape and same more or less price. Purpose is to play some old tapes and to record from cds in order to give them some flavour...Which one should I prefer?
I had two AKAI decks of similar vintage..never had a problem with either, and I loved their glass & crystal ferrite heads....smoooooth.
Look on the Analog Forum below...there are many threads about broken TEAC/TASCAM decks.

Not sure what kid of expectation you have about buying used gear that has been out of production for many years...
...and then worrying about it's operational functionality and build quality???

I had one AKAI deck for 30 years (GX625)...never an issue, and the guy I sold it to is still using it.
I'm not saying there aren't TEAC/TASCAM decks still chugging away without issues, just keep in mind that both have been out of production for a very long time.