TEAC 3340-S Ch 1 issue…solved


Hello, I have an issue with my 3340 4 track r/r. I have the 4 line outs connected to a mixer to monitor playback. I have calibrated the playback levels and all meters line up at 0 vu. Now, when I put the track switches to source, ch 1 overloads the mixer. The meters on the 3340 all remain at 0 vu. When I begin recording, I flip the track switches to tape, and all is fine. It seems the output of track 1 is way too hot in the source mode.
I’ve calibrated the playback using a MLR reference tape and set up the record level as well. Track 2,3,4 sound great. Track 1 on playback sounds great too, but hard to get it right between source and tape because of how hot track 1 is in source mode.

I hope someone can shed light on what may be the issue.

Many thanks.
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