Teac 22-4 opinions

Blue Jinn

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Good, bad, OK? It's the only four track I own, and thinking of splitting the difference on my multitracks and keeping (against better advice) 2, 4, (1/.4") and 16 (1/2"). I know, I know....but weighing all the options here. (Yes, lucky to *have* this problem in the first place.)

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Well I’m not going to say anything about what may stay and what may go. You know my opinions. But the 22 series is pretty nifty as far as I’m concerned. I can’t recall details but I believe I did some digging at one point and found the 22 series really to be baby 30 series...solid build for 7” reels, full servo transport, same heads as the equivalent 30 series machines...if I was looking for a small-reel 1/4” 4-track I think the 22-4 would be at the top of my list...decent community support for the Tascam machines, etc.