Teac “reel” cassette...couldn’t pass it up.


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For $20 shipped I couldn’t pass this thing up...silly thing is I don’t even own a functioning cassette deck at the moment and what I *do* have here isn’t even a Teac unit...and I suppose the version with silver reel flanges and the “TASCAM” logo would be more in line with all my Tascam stuff, but I see these things in brochures and they occasionally come up for sale...and I think they look pretty cool so I nabbed this one.



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I have a few i bought in the 90s. Never used them except one. They're just cool.

Doesn't sound as good as a TDK or Maxell type II tapes but for some reason they're just fun.


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20 $?

I'm equally mad, though. Just bought a cassette deck. Cheap tho. The only reason was it has a switch to use the on-board DBX for vinyl.

I only learned about 3 months ago some vinyl was released with DBX compression. Then found out I even had one of these discs. So I had to have a DBX unit. Separate DBX units still go 100-200 € over here, so the deck was a steal at 30 €.

I like these cassettes. But my decks are only used for digitising these days, so I'm not investing in cassette tapes. I gave about 500 brand new Sony Fe cassettes to a mate who still releases cassettes. He still hans't used all of them.