Tawdry Child - Original Song & Video


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Hi this is my first post here. May I invite you to look at my music video? It's called Tawdry Child.


I hope you like the original music. It's a satirical song. A sort of cross between David Bowie and Bernard Cribbins. It's about St Audrey: the patron saint of Tawdriness (or something like that ;)).

The video was conceived by artists in the South West of England to be a lo-fi piece of guerrilla-filmmaking fluff, calculated to titillate, annoy and confuse. Making fun of all music videos that are more brassy than classy - the crass, the kitsch, the tacky and the tasteless are all celebrated here.

"Tawdry Child is an orphan. A blip. A non sequitur. A toilet-wall scrawl. A kernel. A monument to failure of imagination."

I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to share, comment or like on youtube. Or just speak your mind on here! Feedback welcome.

Thanks for your time.