Tascam System-20, pcb question


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Hi all,

I've got a complete System 20, that I'm trying to get back to original spec. When I got it there was a note in the box from the original owner saying that line 1-2 had been rewired for RIAA. I'd like to get those two channels back to the way they were, which shouldn't be too hard since I have the unmodified channels 3 and 4 to compare with. Only thing is, I don't have a schematic, and it seems to be unobtainable.

My question is, there are two components that have been removed, which I need help identifying. They are axial, and the same size as a transistor, only it's completely white with no markings, and on the PCB it says w41 and w44. There are about 30 of these things on the PCB all in all. Does anyone know what they might be? W usually means wire on a PCB, no? I've attached a pic with a bunch of them.



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Those are just fancy jumpers as in wire links. You can do the same thing with some solid gauge wire. There is no high current going through them.


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Thanks, Skywave! That's what I though they might be. Now I can get the channel back to the way it was. Thanks, greatly appreciated!