Tascam Porta Two Ministudio Manual - I have one!

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Hi Guys
I've just bought a Tascam Porta Two Ministudio (the big one) and am delving into recording for the first time. I didn't get a manual with the machine but have managed to track one down. I'm currently making a copy so will have copies available for anyone who is interested. These will be free, I've only joined here but have already had people help me out so I believe in giving back. Just PM me and I'll e-mail a copy to you once it's scanned. Cheers.


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I'll host it on my site so everyone can download it without you having to e-mail it every time you turn around.


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Hi Railway Surfer,

If you still have the manual for ministudio porta two, is it possible to get it please ?



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You can not use a Porta 2 manual for a Porta One as they are different. They were probably built in different years. Hi Fi Engine will pick up on your contribution and have it there. Not all their manuals are all that great but for the start of a repair maybe OK for that. Most people can not understand the complex schematics anyway. Real manuals come from Stereomanuals.com and they are paper and are not free but this is what I order to work on the ones I do not yet have.