Tascam ms16, death of a channel


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So one channel sounds fine WHILE recording, but on playback sounded terrible crackly and very low level. despite VU on desk and tascam showing correctly. This was a week ago. now it will not record at all but it will play back anything on the tape on that channel. So, won't record, but will play back. it light up red when you press record, but nothing get recorded onto the tape. I've swapped around the card and indeed, it's something with the channels rec/play amp pcb card. the real problem ...there is no schematic in the manual for these cards. I suspect it's a faulty cap on the record section, but I could be wrong. but where is the record section? anyone got an idea where the fix could be?


The schematic is in the manual. You must have an incomplete manual. It plays back fine in both sync and repro? And the meter is fine during record?