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if they are gone i want my 4 bucks back i wasnt even on there a week.

4 Bucks???????? If all I had to worry about in life was loosing 4 Bucks I would have nothing to worry about.

Your 4 Bucks is small fry compared to all the information that will be lost if it's gone for good, stay tuned I think at some point it will be back.


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Yep it is down alright. Been trying for several weeks with no luck. I visited the forum for years and gained much info. I hope it comes back up.


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Home guide

Just my luck. Picked up a 2488 mk2 3 weeks ago and can't get on the forum:(
I really really want a copy of the "double 2488 Home Guide"


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Been trying to create an account on tascam forums. Com
But can't work out the verification bit at the bottom of the sign up page.
Can anyone help