Tascam DP24 - losing my effects when I export vocal tracks for use outside the recorder


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I am able to enable effects - and during playback on the DP-24 I can hear them added. Its just reverb.

However when I export the vocal track to bring into Cubase - the effects are not there. Its dry.

I have tried absolutely pummeling the track with effects - just to see if maybe my master send or the effects master was not up high enough. Still dry.

I can't go back and re-record - this was recorded weeks ago. Its a done deal. I don't like Cubase's effects - I need to get these off the Tascam.



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Maybe not so perfect - their replies mention switching from "pre", which it was on when recorded - to "post", which I did.
Yet my vocals are still dry when exported to Music Depot. Did I have to have effects on "post" when it was recorded? Because it wasn't.

If yes - is there any way to save this - as my singers have left town, for the most part.... :(
(I did a mixdown of just one vocal track - and its in the "Music" folder when I load the chip on my Mac - vs. using the export feature in "Audio Depot" - yet all dry also)