Tascam DP-32SD input compressor question


I'm currently recording with a DP-03 and I just love the workflow. I'm just looking to expand to more tracks and to gain some additional capabilities. One of my sticking points on the DP-03 is recording vocals. I am doing rock vocals and you can bet the dynamics are just killing me. If I set the input gain low enough that nothing clips, I have to actually go mix and master just the vocal track(s) and then re-import them afterward, because there's only compression on the master buss.

I'm eyeing the DP-32SD so I can put a compressor on the incoming signal from the start and avoid this process. But does anyone have any experience with the compressor on dynamic rock vocals? Can you say whether it would be adequate to save me from this tedious process, or if I will still have to process vocal tracks separately?
I'm a long time DP-32SD user. If/when I compress vocals - I typically record the performance with no compression or processing whatsoever - and then run that through an outboard compressor and back in to another track using the send (typically Send 2).

You can compress on the way in while tracking - I've done it with the DP-32SD. However - I have also recorded dry and then run that performance out of the send and back in to an available input/track using the on-board dynamic compressor and applying compression at that stage. This way you can tweak the compressor setting to your liking. All you need is a patch cable. Works beautifully. You can even record the uncompressed signal and the compressed signal at the same time if you choose. While the dynamic input compressor on the DP-32SD sounds nothing like an 1176 or LA2A - it is a very powerful and capable compressor nonetheless.

I absolutely love my DP-32SD.

Hope this helps.
Thanks @PorterhouseMusic it helps me to hear someone explain their experience with the input compressor on the DP24/32 models. I don't have an outboard compressor (anymore ... should have hung onto my RNC) so my only current equivalent is mix/master/export/re-import. I have thought about buying an outboard compressor but I am only doing a bedroom recording project these days, and for that one project, I don't think it is worth it. I'm not even sure upgrading to the 24 or 32 is worth it, because with bouncing tracks and methods like mix/master/export/re-import I can get almost the same effect, just a little more roundabout way, and, also, like you mentioned, with less flexibility at final mixing time. I will just keep thinking about it, I guess.