Tascam dp 24 sd- SD cards question

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I have work scattered through out SD cards. I'd like to consolidate certain pieces and put them together on one card. Must I do this through a computer or is there a more efficient work around? I know the company warns us they are volatile and not to remove or install while machine is on.

Thanks for any help you all may provide
The DP24 records in standard WAV format. Check this thread: https://homerecording.com/bbs/threads/tascam-dp24-transferring-files.370894/

When you say it's scattered throughout SD cards, do you mean different cards? I use SD cards the way that people used reels of tape or cassettes. I copy the data (video or audio) to a external hard drive for backup storage and from there to my computer drive if I am going to be working on it further for a project. The SD card goes into an envelope and into a box for safe keeping.

I don't have a DP24, so you might just want to experiment with a clean formatted SD card. See if you move the song folder to the music folder on the new card from your computer and if it shows up in the system. If it works, then I would make a folder called DP24 Projects, and then make subfolders that would hold all the data from each card.
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Yes - as mentioned above you will need to move the song data to a computer drive and organize it from there.

Technically speaking - you can move track data back and forth to different song folders using the Audio Depot folder. But that's cumbersome and inefficient. Best to get that data on a drive where you can quickly cut, copy, and paste stuff as needed for your organization purposes.