Tascam DP-03SD SD Card


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My current SD card is full. I bought two new 32GB cards. Do I have to format these before I use them or just put them in the slot?
if I need to format how would I go about this procedure? Thanks!
There's a saying..... RTFM.

Page 57 of the manual gives you the procedure for formatting a new SD card. As for dumping the files, you might be able to just copy the files from your SD card to a folder on your computer. The DP03 stores data in two separate areas, an MTR partition where the actual audio data resides, and and FAT partition which is supposed to be where the computer will find master tracks, etc. I don't know if your Mac can access the MTR partition directly. Or you can use the procedure in the manual... pages 60-65.

Personally, I have quit deleting anything off my SD cards. It only took one time of overwriting the wrong card to learn my lesson.

Just buy a new one for $10, flip the write protect tab on the old one, and file it away for the day you want to revisit those projects. I have a box with envelopes, each marked with the contents of the SD card inside. Tape guys spend $50-100+ on a single reel of tape that might have 20 or 30 minutes of music on it. Start thinking of the cards as tape reels. Buy a 10 pack for $70 and you're set for a few years.
you stick the card into the recorder and it will prompt you to format it if needed

I have several Tascam recorders and all of them do this ..... I haven't used a DP-03 but I feel pretty sure it will say ":Card needs formatting" or something similar and give you prompt to accomplish it