Tascam dm 3200


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I am in a pinch. I was called into a school 15 minutes before the first showing of a play, asked to help with sound. Its the next day and there are 4 shows to go. I have about 6 hours until the next..

I am on a TASCAM DM-3200. This is not a board I am familiar with, but I am starting to get the hang of it after a little bit of time.

We are using 16 wireless mics of all flavors. I am having an issue with a tinny sound. I have traced it to the board.

I was having an issue on some of the channels and not on the others. For example, channel 1 sounded fine. Channel 16 did not, it had a very tinny and harsh quality. After plugging the wireless system from channel 16 into channel 1, the harshness was gone. I used the cable from channel 16 both times.

I did a hard reset on the board(which was a mistake), and now none of the channels sound good, they are all harsh. With every mic system. And it is beyond the point of a simple fix with the eq. I did all of the testing with a flat or nearly flat eq. I am pretty sure that i am missing a setting on this board somewhere, and I just can't figure it out.

If there was a suggestion, it would be great. Thanks!