Tascam DA-30 Seek mode has sound, but silent on Play


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Hi all, I have a DA-30 mk1 that recently stopped playing audio after I used the seek forward/reverse functions.
Transport mech works decently, it's been cleaned and lightly lubed, no binding, smooth loading. Was working fine for about 10 transfers recently, then I used seek and it stopped. Sometimes if I hold seek for 20 secs or so and stop, play mode suddenly works, perfect sound, no aliasing or fringing. While seeking, I can hear the underlying audio bleeping by, but when back in play, no sound. Tape travel through guides looks nominal on load and through play and seek. Unit was functioning quite well. Head, guide, capstan cleaned with chamois, head carefully wiped with no vertical motion, in direction of travel (seems to still work cause it does play well intermittently). Any clues much appreciated! Thanks
The DAT machines will mute audio when there are too many read errors. In "seek" mode read error is disabled. So the answer is bad drum/heads, crud on drum that didn't get cleaned off, drum/heads damaged while cleaning- chamois is a no no with DAT- head to tape contact, tape path alignment issue to start. What are you using to clean drum? FFWD a new tape to end and RWD back to top may clean up the drum.
Chamois info from bad internet source. Used 98% alcohol. Symptoms were the same before head was cleaned, hopefully that's "positive".
FFWD/RWD cycle x2 on a fresh tape did work, however! Brilliant. Thank you for that!

Probably still needs additional cleaning...

How about this technique? Check out around 2:30

Guy appears to be a well-seasoned DAT tech