Tascam 788 EEPROM: Does anyone know the actual part number?


The title says it all.

Does anyone know the number of the actual piece part?
Not Tascam's programmed part number, but the part number of the piece part used.

If I already have an EEPROM from a working 788, and I get an unprogrammed part, and I have an EEPROM programmer, I could buy a virgin part.
Then I could read the working EEPROM, and program a new/second one.

Thanks in advance.

Search terms: 788 EPROM EEPROM
@ejm Hi - I just got a 788 running v 1.03(not updateable via cdrom etc.) Did you ever find a way to get, program a new eeprom for your 788? Thanks, Set
iamsetsetiam: As you can see by the dates on this post, no one replied back with any information.
In addition, I have not "lifted the sticker" on mine to check.