Tascam 688 Service Manual?


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Does anybody have a copy of the Tascam 688 Service Manual laying around? I’m not looking for a handout...just hoping to verify some part numbers and some info from the schematics. Anybody have one?
The son bought a s/hand 688 way back that has hardly been used since he got it, I'm sure I d/loaded a manual........I'll see if it's still on a back up somewhere and if so you're welcome to it.

Thanks much, ausrock! Just to be clear, I’m looking for the service manual not the owner’s/operations manual. I’ve got that one.
I know I printed it out at the time but I think it was only the owners manual but will keep looking..........don't hold your breath though.

I came across a User PDF and a Service PDF which are very legible - not the poorly aligned, smeared and out of focus ones. The Service seems to have all the schematics and parts lists.
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