Tascam 688 Play/Record Suddenly Stopped Working


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I was using my Tascam 688 this morning, but all the sudden, the Play and Record buttons no longer function (at the same time). The Play/Record LEDs don't even light up. The guy I bought it from said he recently replaced the belt, and I assume if the belt was the culprit, the Play/Record LEDs would light up but not do anything? FF and RW work fine. I am new to the 688, so I'm not sure about this.

Does anyone know what might cause the Play/Record buttons to suddenly top working (including their respective LEDs)?

Thank you.
Thanks for the video. I've seen this one before and I tinkered with those sensors a bit when I encountered this problem, but it didn't solve it. I'll probably need to take the thing apart and make sure the belt is still there and manipulate those sensors with the cover off like in the video.

Again, I appreciate the suggestion.
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People who make videos like this have just rudimentary knowledge of a deck. This deck if you examine the service manual has a transport similar to the 238 and the cam system will have that bad grease in it as well as the transport and the feedback switches which are fingers on the cam gear can not push their way through hard grease to tell the transport where it is. Solution is to clean off all that junk grease they put in there with denatured alcohol and use Lubriplate 105 to regrease the transport. People tell me that the reels wind but that is a separate system that has nothing to do with the cam system except that the cam system removes the brakes. These are not hard to fix but they are hard to use because the routing switcher that is in them.