Tascam 564 Minidisc drive belt replacement


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I dug out my old Tascam 564, to try and transfer off some recordings I made in the 90s, but the drive would not work anymore. I unscrewed the device to take a look and saw that the belt for part of the minidisc had become too loose.

Does anyone have any idea of what kind of belt I would need to replace it? I’m hoping this is all that is wrong with the unit. I tried looking for a service manual but turned up nothing.

Here is a view showing all of the drive:


Here is the drive while I was removing the belt:

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I have recieved a reply from Tascam support who state:

I am most sorry but individual parts for the mechanism were never available- the mech block had to be replaced as a completer unit but these too are long since obsolete.

I am ordering a selection set of belts to see if I can find the right one through trial and error.


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Good for you. The belt is just a belt and all you need do is find the right sized one. What they are telling you is that Tascam never made the part and they got it from someone else like Sony. No need to worry about them, as you found your own answer.


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Looking around it seemed like a very high proportion of Sony’s MiniDisc drives have this single point of failure around a drive belt. Hoping that sharing the info helps someone else in future :)


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Would you mind telling us where you got the correct belt (and part #) as my Tascam 564 is suffering from this problem also.


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Another problem with the drive in the 564 is the fact that the grease tends to dry up on the mechanism and therefore won't eject or play.