Tascam 488 not Mk II


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My guitar instructor is selling a 488 for $400.00. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I had been saving up for a 4 track for $479.00. This, I think is the previous model w/out XLR inputs.
Thanks to all.
If it's in good shape, I'd get it. You can always buy XLR transformers, but adding tracks to a cassette recorder is kinda tricky.

Dragon's Law: You'll always want more tracks.
the 488 is a 8 track recorder and $400 is good if its still in a usable condition..
let me guess you were gona get a Tascam 424mkIII right if true read the review of it on the main home recording .com site it aint the recomendatio you think it might be...
heres the url:


other than that i would go with what dragon said....