Tascam 488, Compression effects on db levels?


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anyone out there able to answer my question about the compressor? I have been trying to use compression on vocals while recording on the 488 but I noticed that the db decrease on the compression level indicator leds have no effect on the db level meter in the 488's level window, is the compressor working properly? I have to know the answer to this before I can record vocals!!!!
I don't have a dedicated compressor and do not know much about them but here goes:

A compressor takes the input signal and lowers all the loudest parts, then it makes everything louder together. Result: the dynamic range between the quietest and loudest part is reduced.
The VU meter on your compressor, is that an Input meter, or an output meter?

To easily test the compressor do this.
-On a blank tape, record some vocals with a wide dynamic range on track 1 (whispers and shouts)
-Use the effect send to send the track 1 recording to the compressor
-Compress the signal highly
-take the output of the compressor and record it directly to track 2
- play them both back and examine the VU meter.

The loudest points should be the same, but the quietest levels on the dub should be much louder than those on track 1.


I'm curious, did your compressor affect the timbre of the recording?
Th built in compressor on my guitar multi-effects unit makes a beautifully recorded miced acoustic guitar sound like a tinny piezo direct recording.
I'd bet you're hooking the compressor up wrong (probably through the effects loop) if you're not seeing a corresponding level reduction on the 488.