Tascam 2488MK11 Demo song & the 1.2 firmware update


New member
May I please ask if there is a chance that someone has a copy of the Demo Song for the Tascam 2488Mk11, or a link to where I can get it. I have tried so hard to find it, having bought the unit secondhand with it missing. ( a number of links i.e. Tascam and others don’t have it) It will be so good to hear an example of what can be achieved. As this demo is shipped with the unit it would be lovely to have it back.

Also the firmware version on my unit is (1.00) I believe that the only update was to (1.2) Is there anyone here that has a backup copy of the firmware update for the Tascam 2488MK11 please?

I really would appreciate some help with these two files - thank you for understanding.