TASCAM 244 - PAN (Not Working)


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The Pan controls used to work like a charm on my Tascam 244 but one day it just stopped. Now I can only hear the sound to get slightly louder and slightly lower when i twist all the Pan 4 knobs...

Do You guys reckon some component just died / dried out?

Thanks for taking time to read this ;)
It would be very odd for all 4 pan knobs to fail at once.
I have no particular knowledge about the tascam 244, but have just looked at a hi-res photo of it, and downloaded a user manual.
I take it it is the blue knobs that aren't working?
The aux sends seem to have their own gain/pan knobs.
Coud it be the position of the aux pan knob is affecting the blue knobs somehow. Try setting the aux knobs to central, then see what the blue knobs do.
Also see if the pre/post switches have any effect.
Are you any good with electronics?
If it were mine, I'd open it up, and probe around with an oscilloscope.
Yes, it's very strange.
As I said, it used to work without any problem. For over a year.
I'm very good at replacing components but when it comes to take measurements and to use oscilloscope is still a dark forest to me : )