Tascam 238 Story...


Wow JP....I'm just watching the following video on 'synchronous reluctance motors' and the thought of the four coils came to mind....look at the following video (it's all very interesting but the bit in question is at 6mins 45secs).



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Hey There.
Do you still have the old complete capstan motor and servo assembly?
I'm buying the old complete capstan motor and servo assembly from you if it's cheap!

By the way, what's the phone number to call to get a brand new complete motor and servo assembly from teac?
How do you buy from teac?
I'm calling this project done.

After cleaning the heads, demagging the tape path, getting the pinch roller out of the machine and giving it a good cleaning, this thing is recording and playing back nicely on all 8 tracks, levels are pretty flat. And it sounds good. Was using Jeff Buckley's "Everybody Here Wants You" as a test track. Let the haters hate...I think it's pretty amazing how good these tiny little tracks can sound.

This 238 is 100% operational and functional, nice to look at, has the RC-88 remote to go with it, and has a brand new complete capstan motor and servo assembly...not a refurb but brand new direct from Teac.



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I do not have any Tascam 238 parts on-hand at this time.

My understanding is Teac ran out of stock of the 238 capstan servo/motor assemblies years ago, but maybe it’s worth check to see if they have more these days? You just call Tascam Parts in the US, (323) 727-4840 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM pacific time.