Tascam 112 issues


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I have a thread up in the analog forum, but I'm hoping here might get some traction.

Worked fine started eating tapes replaced idlers. Problem solved

After a period of non use it stopped playing and play function acted just like fast forward


It had loose belts

I replaced the belts but now she's wierd.

Pinch roller and heads stay up when ff or rewind.

Counter only counts up, not backwards towards zero

It seems pre belt change the pinch roller in down position was default. Now up position is default.

I can get it to go down by manually turning the cam.

Since the counter only operates one way, reverse stops after a few seconds.

All these maladies are new, since replacing the belts, so obviously they are of my own doing.
Since changing the belts, it does play a tape, just along with all these new problems.

But what did I do to create this??? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

I'd be thankful for any help.



Hello. How did you resolve your issue? I have the same issue after changing a belt in my 112. I was very careful not to move the cam assy,and I used to know how to re-time them.but old age makes the memories fade.


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I wish I knew exactly. In my case it wasn't physically on the slot. Once I re opened it and put it back properly it was fixed.
Ive seen info about how to line up the cam and the pot, but I didn't follow any of that complicated stuff. I just put it back together and it worked.

Look up on youtube 112 belt replacement and there's a pretty good one.
Good luck to you.