tape decks: low end sansui vs. low end teac


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I'm looking for a cheap dual-deck tape recorder. I'll mainly be using it for dubbing tapes, checking mixes, and every once in a while, actually for *listening*.

I'm looking at sub-US$150

I was primarily looking at Teac decks but I was at a stereo shop the other day and found a Sansui deck for a pretty decent price.

I'm wondering if any knows anything about low-end Sansui decks compared to low-end Teac decks.

Should I just stick with Teac? Or is Sansui OK?
I've heard the teac tape decks are fairly reliable... As for sansui, no idea.

Why tape? no cd burner?
No, I've got a CD burner but I'd like to have a tape deck as well. When people give me tapes to listen to I only have a crappy little walkman that I borrowed from a friend to listen with. Also, I don't like using cd-r for checking mixes since you can only write to them once. Plus, I have no where to dub tapes. If someone gives me something on tape and I want to make a copy of it, I have to plug my crappy walkman into my soundcard and record to hard disk. For some purposes, I think a tape deck would just be easier, wouldn't have to waste a whole CD-R on a 3 minute test mix, it would be easier to copy tapes, I would have something to listen to tapes on (I could give my friend their walkman back), etc.
Go with the Teac. I got the Teac DUAL 600R for 'bout $100.00 Had it for 3 years and still performs well with all kinds of tapes
and recording applications.
Check out on ebay the JVC TDW series,These sold for 275.00+ new and come up pretty often. I paid 68.00 including shipping for my dual deck TDW209. The reason these are a great buy is they have the "HXPRO" headroom extension circutry + dolby b c. I have the phillips cd recorder but I'll tell ya,My JVC makes great quality tapes and the copies are More than I bargained for