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k heres my problem.I have a 12 channel mixer(PEAVEY)and a 4 track recorder..when I record a track it sounds good on playback,but when I send a cpl tracks back through the mixer to mix down,itcomes out sounding tinny......i've tried all kinds of adjustments,and the volume goes down also....any suggestions? thanks
thanks for the reply Dom.......I'm running from the line out on the recorder,to the line in on the mixer.....then from the recording out jack,to the line in on the recorder......I did this with other equipment a few years ago and didn't have a problem...the first recording is fine......but when i transfer it to another track (it sounds fine on the way in)it just goes tinny...im baffeled....thanks for any help.....Dave
Try new tape, clean and demag heads, try transfering from different tracks like 2,3 &4 to track 1 or 1, 2 & 4 to track 3...?

What are the results?

Adjust EQ and volume on mixer to compensate for the loss during transfer!

Keep trying

Dom Franco
I think I see your problem. You have the line out from the recorder going to line in on the mixer? It could be that you got a ring going (material heading to the recorder from the mixer plus that audio going thru the recorder back to the mixer thru the line inputs setting up a ring around). Try either turning down the line input from the recorder while tracking to it or unplugging it from the line in.