Syncing the SR-18 with an External Sequencer

Jonathan Schall

New member
The SR18 isn't syncing with the Kurzweil PC3k sequencer.

They sync when in song mode from the start, but I can't go to the middle of the song and start there--it's one measure off.

The SR18 song sequencer works with steps, not measures.

My musical trainging and Kurz sequencer works with measures.

I've created drum patterns that are 4 beats long so that I can work with measures: each step is one measure of 4/4.

However, the SR18 has step 0, not step 1, so they won't sync without a work-around: I set the Kurz sequencer to begin at measure -1 and press play; the SR18 starts with 0, so once the Kurz begins measure 1, the SR18 plays step/bar 1 and we've got the measures numerically synced, however--

If the SR18 is in song edit step mode, and I use the Kurz sequencer to move to any section in the song other than the first step/bar, the SR18 is always a step/bar behind, because the SR18 sequence begins with 0, while the Kurz begins with 1.