Synch Problem


New member
I'm having a problem synching a second track to my first track (8-track analog routed to my PC soundcard). During playback, you can hear the second track become out-of-synch with the bed track around the 50th bar.

Here's the scenario: Track 1 - Acoustic/electric as the rhythm. Track 2 - Acoustic/electric as the lead. Both instruments are going through a Tascam Portastudio 424 8-track & then through my soundcard (using Maestro MPU401 from ESS Technology). I have attempted this with vocals as well - same result.

Equipment: PGMusic's PowerTracks Pro Audio 6; Win98; Compaq Pentium II 400 w/128 mb & a 10-gig hard drive.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may b able to help.