SuperSone microphones

Im about, to equip my studio with new mics. From a german recording forum I learned about SuperSone Mics obviously from China. Unlike other China Mics, they seem to be of good quality and are highly priced. The are considered to hold the same electronics and capsules as some amercian microphone since the manufacturer has been delivering capsules to overseas allready for a long time.

Anybody familiar with that?

SuperSone Micors
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Just for those who read this old article:

The order went into Nirvana. No delivery to germany was intended. I wonder why?

I went with some Rode's afterwards.
This is actually a really important fact to keep in mind. The Chinese factories can produce simply excellent products when the price allows, but that factory does what is profitable. I have some very nice multi pattern mics. Only two years later I tried to buy more. They had switched to making watches! Same factory same staff, same skills and machinery I guess? Their skills are the machining, the clean rooms, micro assembly, pub design and fabrication. They are a manufacturer making mics, not a mic manufacturer. The brand names are simply made up whims. I had some lights called pink goldfish once. Google probably told them that was a great name for a moving head LED fixture.