Super long-shot...Tascam 134 manual...


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Hey everybody. I know this is a total long-shot, since I’ve been scouring the internet to no avail, but I need manuals for a Tascam 134/134B. Anybody have the owners or service manuals to this relatively rare rack-mount cassette 4-track multitrack successor to the 234?


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And this is why you *always* contact Teac Parts just in case...


They were courteous and prompt, the Owner’s Manual is a decent quality copy which is fine, but I believe the Service Manual is a factory-bound original including fold-out “tabloid” pages for exploded-view diagrams and schematics. Price? $23 for the pair plus reasonable shipping and handling. My usual sources didn’t have either. I found a reputable vendor who wanted $36 for a pdf of the Service Manual alone. I also reached out to an eBay seller who previously sold a pdf of the Service Manual for $29. I reached out to him to see if he would be re-listing and he replied “ Hi, this original manual received from TASCAM 20 years ago. Now nobody has this manual in this condition. How about $39 or $49 to buy this link to download now?” Jerk. Armed with those options I picked up the phone and called Teac. Boom. Done.

Anyway, always check with Teac Parts to start least find out price and availability. If they have what you need it is usually cheaper than anywhere else.


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Hey, Brad!

I've noticed you posting again...kinda wondered how things were going for you. Glad your wife is doing better. Let me know what you hear back from Tascam on the manuals, like if they still have them and are selling them at the same price. Let me know.


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Things are going pretty good. Sheltering in place is a good excuse to get on these projects.

I’ll let you know on this Teac deal. I expect it will be a little bit before they get back to me. In the meantime, I’ve got schematics for the 238. They were similar on the outside, here’s hoping they are on the inside too.

I’m hoping the 134 won’t be that hard. A mechanical issue on startup, and reduced signal on channel 4. I’ll know more about that today.

How did the rec room/ studio project go?