Super fast Ableton Template Frank Wiedemann, Sebastian Mullaert, Stimming & Deadmau5 learnings


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I made a template for Ableton called Rapid Flow on gum road. It condenses the best learnings from many masterclasses I attended and my 25 years sound engineering and production experience.

Check out the demo video here:

This is what people are saying
”Great template mate, 1 Euro a STEAL in this day and age. 10/10."
"Excellent !"
"This is brilliant thank you."
"downloaded - nice workflow !"
"Wow thank you for sharing this!!"
"Amazing work, this is definiteky worth more than $1 and have tipped more."
"thanks for putting the fun back in to abelton ,as i wasnt in a great place with it all”

My aim with this is to help producers getting better results much faster, while having more fun in the process.

Hope it’s of value to you.