Sundance Mixing Chronicle....


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Been up at the Sundance Film Festival all week mixing 7 to 9 bands a day. So far there has been some great stuff. So far we have done John Legend, Patti Smith, Pat Monahan of Train, Anvil with Slash and Scott Ian, Tim Finn, Peter & Gordon, and many others. So far we have had some pretty good established acts, but we have also had a bunch of really good up and coming acts. So far the ones that have stuck out to me are AM, Sea Wolf, Eef Barzelay, Sondre Lerche, Jessie Baylin, Charlotte Sometimes, Everest and Quincy Coleman. If any of you guys get a chance to check some of these artists out you should. There are some pretty talented new musicians on the horizon and most of them have big releases coming out this year. Hopefully tomorrow Crosby, Stills Nash and Young are coming in to sit in with Josh Hisle. We'll see.....

SouthSIDE Glen
Very cool, x! Two questions thus far:

A) when you say "mixing" are you talking FOH?

B) Who is Charlotte the rest of the time?




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A) Yes I am running FOH. Its been very interesting thus far. Everybody has very different setups since the genres of all of the performers is so different. I have been recording as well. So I have a semi integrated setup. I do have a monitor engineer as well.

B) I am not sure if Charlotte even knows who she is when she is not Charlotte. Maybe she is Charlotte rest of the time.

It has also been good to work with some of the other engineers. We even had one in here who is currently up for a grammy for recording an album. I am seeing more and more studio engineers make it over to the live side of things the last few years.