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Hey drstawl...( I know you will at least respond...)
I'm considering the Event Tria monitor system but I can't seem to find anyone who has used it... My question is this... Most audiophile home systems are subwoofer based these days, as are most car stereo systems and club PA systems... wouldn't it make sense to use a monitor system that had a subwoofer?
The Tria looks really good on paper and for $650 it looks awesome... but I cant find a single person who has used one. Is it because it is a relatively new idea to the studio monitor field( no pun int.).
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Won't they audition these babies down at the local Guitar Satan? They gave me some lame excuse about the passives, telling me they didn't know how to do it.... Yeah, right.
And that the passives sound just like the powered version... sure, we know.... but when you're dropping that kind of bread on a set, don't take this bullshit. Flex your consumer muscle. I was concerned that they'd hook my passives up to some really pricey amp to make them sound better than I could at home, so I didn't balk at their phony explanations; I just listened to the 20/20p.