Submitting at cdbaby


I'm a male songwriter and would like to distribute my song via cdbaby. The song was sung by a demo female artist.
If I put my name as an artist it doesn't sound right for the long run. I am the sole owner of the song.
cdbaby doesn't have any entry for a group/band name.
Also if I were to post a video on YouTube how can I post it under my channel that happens to be my name.
I need your suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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It would be wise to come to an agreement with the singer before you try to distribute this song via any platform.
agreed. Any artist worth their salt would want to know something was being released with their name on it, and might want to give approval first.

And keep in mind, if you are the copyright holder for the material and are signed with a PRO, you would get your songwriter and publishing royalties regardless of who the artist is. If a song is released, an artist would get a percentage of sales in whatever amount they are negotiated.
Did you pay the singer to sing the demo? If so, that is 'work for hire', and you don't even have to credit her. Look at Carlos Santana - he releases tons of songs with other singers, and for most, you need to dig through the credits to find out who sung it.