Studio Setup


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I just bought a Roland VS-840 for use in my soon to be home prject studio. My budget is somewhat limmited, but that does not mean that I will not take suggestions for expensive stuff. I was just wondering what setup, equipment, and other things VS users have in their home studio, or any suggestions that anyone has upon what I should get. So basically I am somewhat new to recording and need a blue print on what to use while using the VS-840.
Is the 840 the ONLY thing you have? Do you have any mics, monitors, etc? What type of music (what instruments, just you or a band, what style of music) are you recording? Do you want to burn your own CDs? Also, what kind of computer do you have? What you do from this point will be dependant on the answers to those questions, and your preferences.

Let me know and I'll try to help. I have an 880, but maybe you could get some ideas from my setup, and avoid the same mistakes I made.
Well, I do know about recording, but just wanted to see what other VS users used with their systems. After thinking about it, I guess the VS-840 is a little too small for my needs. I want something that is a little more traditional like an adat with a studio 24 recording counsel and outboard gear studio gear. I do recoding as a hobby, kind of like guitar playing. I enjoy collecting different types of gear and such to play with. I like to futs with knobs and such, so I guess this is not the thing for me. Too straight foward.