Studio of the Damned

Yes Dobro, to my shame, I did live in Nashville for a *spell* It may be a great place now, but when we were there ('88-'89) the music scene was very closed to outsiders. We were a little heavy for their taste as well (kind of a ZZTop back when they kicked ass and lived in their cars :)

- heck, now I know we should've gone to Austin anyway.

S8-N, have you thought about running an ad for auditions? It sounds snotty I know, but if you appear to be a semi-serious unit, you'll attract a better talent pool of bassists.
Re: audition idea - good thinking. And before you go through with it, watch the audition scene in "The Full Monty". It'll put things in perspective. Plus you might pick up a few dance steps for the stage. :)
I'm kinda partial to the audition scene in "The Committments"...
We put up flyers all over town at the clubs, the music stores, even college campuses... People in this town are real dillweeds.
Playing shows here was less than a joy, anyway.

"Do you play bass? You probably aren't good enough anyway." That's excellent. If you get bored with the gigging scene, you should try writing. It pays about the same as gigging (next to nothing) but its a great outlet.

Oh, if you get some Taurus pedals, you can skip the bass player and wing it with your feet. You'll sound like Rush, but its better than no lows.