Studio Monitors


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Another neg to the Rockits. I have owned both the G2 5's and 8's. Very hyped in the low end. Not good for mixing IMO. Sold them long ago.
I held on to my Event TR8's until I pulled the trigger on ADAM A7x. The Event's were much more accurate. I have heard great things about the Yammy HS8's from someone I trust.
I had a set of KRK Rocket 8s
And I have a set of Equator D5s This is a 5 inch coaxial monitor. Massive Master (forum member) describes them as one of the few lower price point monitors that he wouldn’t throw into a tire fire. 😂

Anyway, the D5s are supposedly pretty flat but have a decent bottom end considering it’s a 5 inch driver.

So what I did was this; I set them up on my mixing boarding on two sub outs, exact same EQ, exact same program material, exact same levels on the faders.

I’d bring down the levels on one, then bring up the levels on the other.

While the KRKs ‘sound good’, the vocals would disappear. I didn’t even notice it until I brought in the Equator D5s.

In short, the KRK was missing the midrange info. What else was I not hearing in the midrange?

The KRKs were the equivalent of a loudness button on a stereo receiver. Push the button and boom! Enhanced Bass and treble.

But from everything I know, the mid bands are the most crucial things to get right in a mix.

Long story short, the KRKs got sold.