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I currently have HR 824 Studio monitors. I would like to downsize due to studio space. I'm looking for a pair of studio monitors under $400.00 that I could use as my studio monitor as well as listening to music from iTunes, cd's etc. Any recommendations? Thanks!


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Not sure what space requirements or restrictions you may have but I....and likely along with many here......will recommend the JBL LSR305 series. They're well within your budget and outperform a number of higher priced systems IMO.
I absolutely love my Kali Audio IN-8s, but they also have a smaller 6-inch size. The pair may go a touch more than $400, but not much. The larger 8s are $800 for the set. Try to find a bad review on these!

dark days ahead

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i bought some presonus eris 5 in 2019 and i have to say i was over the moon for what they cost, people were saying this or that - sometimes you just have to ignore internet tripe, so glad i went for them BUT had i known about the below i may have done differently

behringer acquired tannoy some time ago - i have been assured the GOLD models are pretty sweet for the money as are Behringer NEkksT and TRUTH - should take a look at them as all within range and offer several sizes

what size woofer do you want?


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It has been many years since I listened to the HR824s (they were really good back then), so I can't tell you how the JBL LSR305s compare tonally, but I have a pair and they are great for a nice small, near field speaker. Obviously, you're trying to get smaller than an 8" woofer, so 5 or 6" is probably going to be your best bet. Anything smaller really loses the bottom end.