Studio Housekeeping

Dom Franco

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I have found some cool plastic covered hooks in the hardware section of some local department stores. I use them to hang Headphones and Microphones etc. when not in use. However I still find when recording (in the heat af the battle) I end up with wires and cables strung all over the place, cris-crossed and know?

Am I the only one who has this problem?
Has anyone come up with a method for keeping the cables neat and in place.
(I don't really want to use duct tape on my nice carpet!)


Dom Franco
You're not the only one that gets cables going everywhere, along with all sorts of other clutter. I have hardwood floors with area rugs, and have been able to run cables under the rugs in most cases. There are still times that I have to run another cable in the middle of recording, and don't want to take the time to move chairs, stools and whatever else in order to lift the rug and run underneath it. For the most part the cables that are in place under the rugs stay out of the way and out of site. Maybe some of those rubber cable run things that cover up walkways would work for you since you already have carpet, if you could narrow down to a few areas where the cables will run across the room. It wouldn't be all that nice looking, but you wouldn't have to tape stuff down to the carpet.
Thanks for the reply! You got me to thinking...I have seen those rubber cable
runs (Used over power chords to keep people from tripping)...I am going to look into getting something like that for my microphone cables, and I'm thinking that I could keep it next to the walls to further clean up the room. Thanks

Dom Franco
I've been in quit a few studios over the last few years and I think you'd be amazed of how much spagetti there is even in the mid/high-end studios. I have a 456 point TT patch bay in my studio, and I still have too many cables going here and there. It just can't be avoided when someone wants to use some of there equipment or when you just didn't plan for new piece you just bought.