Studio Design


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Im building a home studio....the recorded room is 8 x 12, barely enough for a set of drums ..anyway....I have sheetrock walls with blown accoustical texture on ceiling, and a carpeted floor, so there is some room ambiance here.....question is: should I carpet walls and ceiling, or just leave it adaptable for accoustical variations.....I might want some natural ambiance in background vocals, or even the main vocal....any suggestions???? I was planning on designing the control room "dead" with carpet on all 4 walls, floor and ceiling...does this sound like a good plan?
Thanks guys!!
what yo could do is pad the room and then add the reverb effects when you have it recorded, that would save you money and time. if you had reverb on the vocals when you record it, and then after the mixdown you decide you dont want it youll have to do it all over.
That makes sense....what about the glass between control room and recording room? With everything else padded, will it cause problems..with reflecting sound? I guess with everything else padded it shouldnt be too big a factor.....?????
I would be a little careful with that control room. Although a "dead" control room may sound great when mixing, your music won't be played back in many "dead" rooms. I tried the "dead" mix room thing a while back. The sound was great in the mix room, but when I burned the tunes to CD and played it in a few "regular" rooms, I found that I overcompensated the high end and reverb while combating the "dead" room sound. If you do some acoustic treatments in the mix rooms, you may want to consider having another set of monitors to reference the mix in a different room.