Studio c**** !!


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After months of building up a small home studio, I realized that one of the most important piece of studio equipment is not much or at all talked about in the studio; the CHAIR !!!. I personally recommend all to get chairs with rollers so that you can move from the mixer to the keyboards to the racks without having to leave your seat. I've been living with that old chair for months .. now, I just broke my old chair last night ;-) ... don't asked me how, so now i'm getting a new one with rollers :-) Any thoughts about chairs ?
This is a very important point, since most of us home studio geeks have a corner-style desk, which means that you will have to roll back from the monitors to reach that right-angle triangle ideal monitoring spot... And as always Ed(sonusman)Rei has given us some good advice: Cut off your dogs tail... It will get run over...
ive been thinking about this too.. i was down at the mall the other day , and i saw a chair at the " relax your back " store , that had all kinds of great gizmos.. it was heated , had lil massage ballies in it , was soft and toasty , and even had rollers !!! mega theuraputic .. i think it was 7 grand.. thats more than what alot of us have in our studios .. ah well.. a boy can dream.. maybe one day... when i hit the big time.. hehe..

ps.. no lie , i sit in an outdoor lawn chair when im recording , playing , and online.. when i get my hands on a camera , ill post some pictures.. :D

- eddie -